Textile and Graphic Screenprinting Machines


MHM is recognised as the leading innovative manufacturer of textile screen printing machines worldwide, holding dozens of international patents including the latest development of the single drive technology a revolutionary index-drive system used for oval shaped printing presses.

Designed by screenprinters for screenprinters. Perfection in screenprinting.


It’spretty tough to replace a world-renowned, ultra-high performance press with one that is even better, but that is just what MHM have done with the introduction of the Synchroprint 5000, following the tradition of the SP3000 and SP4000 to be the ultimate machine in sophistication, combining innovative design along with advanced technology and ease of use, this press will change the way you look at carousel screen printing presses forever.
After fine tuning the SP4000 and changing to the latest technology with ALL the latest benefits – tablet control, WIFI integration ,online support, industrial standard PCB, better performance in the AUTO SCREEN version, latest servo technology etc.
The SP5000 is now completing the new and modern MHM product family. Please contact us for further information as well as full technical specifications on all our machines.


  • The SA-EVO is the newest member of the MHM family and your perfect choice when space is a problem. For user friendly operation the SA-EVO is also equipped with the latest m-touch pro operating system with tablet interface.



  • Available in 6, 8, 10 and 12 colour models



  • Available in 8 to 16 colours in both standard and long stroke options



  • The ultimate in sophistication, combining innovative design along with advanced technology and ease to use, this press will change the way you look at automated screenprinting forever. Available in 6,8,10,12,14,16 and 18 colour models and with more standard features and great versatility than any other press in its class, the SYNCHROPRINT 4000 is the key to unlocking your ultimate creativity.



  • A new generation of oval textile screenprinting machines…
    The iQ-Oval with its revolutionary intelligent drive system (iDS) is one of the fastest oval presses worldwide, representing a whole new level of performance, accuracy and reliability. With this drive system it is also one of the safest printing presses available on the market today. No safety barriers are required which gives the operator unrestricted access to the loading area.A 100% registration accuracy is provided by having each printing station its own pin, so there is no part which will stretch and loose this accuracy. The iQ-Oval is equipped with the latest “m-touch pro” operating system with tablet interface.A new era in screen printing machinery has arrived: iQ-Oval with iDS, the intelligent drive system exclusively by MHM.

iQ Oval

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